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The Unipiper

The Original flame-spewing, bagpiping, unicycling Darth Vader

Of all of Portland’s colorful characters, none are as easily recognized as The Unipiper. With his fire-breathing bagpipes, colorful costumes, and unicycle, reports of Unipiper sightings stretch back over a decade. An internet sensation, Unipiper has appeared on such websites as CNN and the front page of Reddit. The Unipiper has earned his place as the city’s unofficial ambassador of weird, having represented Portland in a variety of foreign lands from Scotland to Japan. In 2016 The Unipiper was crowned ‘Best Local Celebrity in Portland’ by the Willamette Week and with recent appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, America’s Got Talent, and The Gong Show, The Unipiper has solidified his position as the quintessence of Portland.

His presence at weddings, festivals, corporate events, charity auctions, or gatherings of any sort is sure to be a highlight. As Portland incarnate, Unipiper promises to entertain, amaze, and send spectators flocking to their social media to document this unique phenomenon, ensuring that your event expands its reach into the virtual universe.

Unipiper: Artist Roster
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